Vision & Mission


our sentiment and commitment to celebrate life.



A global trip  to cover over 60 countries, 70000km and  connecting more than 120 eminent people.

These personalities are illustrious exponents in their fields and significantly contribute to the society.

Two of us  travellers wish to shadow them, capture the moments with them, and share their eventful journey on public domain. 


I am an textile entrepreneur based in Mumbai, having chapters in China, Dhaka, Surat and Coimbatore. I have been a frequent business traveler across the continents. 

An everyday man, in all earnest, tries to live life through all four quadrants. I resolutely believe that every present moment must be celebrated.

I am a biker, trekker, marathon runner, a long distance cyclist and an amateur blogger. The oncoming road journey is an extension of that. 

This journey would be cultural and spiritual fulfilment to anyone who engages.



I am a professional photographer now. after practising homeopathy for several years chose to devote time to full time photography. I bring to photography some great philosophies of homeopathy like viewing a subject holistically and never be blinded by prejudices. I love to capture people candidly. 

Travelling is my all time passion. It has been a pleasure to gain experience after teaching in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia, Belgium and Thailand.

my next is a travel of the sorts planned with a friend, to capture people, culture and landscapes.


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