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Steering Story is about two complementing friends, Praveen Mehta and Dr Sudhir Baldota. Two of us share perennial desire to travel and explore, to seek and speak, to live and celebrate life. Together, we have trekked, cycled and ridden motorbikes in and around the Indian subcontinent apart from pursuing our individual interests and identities. 

As an extension to our passion, our next attempt is to drive across  the world through the continents of Asia, Europe, South America and North America. The endeavour to drive across the four continents is a little more than a personal agenda of satisfying our wanderlust. It’s an effort to seek the Beliefs , Journeys and Stories of unique individuals who are eminent in their sphere and have contributed to their ecosystem. These individuals may not be popular but are distinguished in their own right. 

We seek  to find what is it that they celebrate, what has been their inspiration and what lessons they intend to share.

We intend to document these odysseys both by pen and pictures , as we see their lives nothing short of celebration.

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